Unprecedented and Necessary Coverage:
State unemployment benefits provide a minimal amount of money, for a limited time; as few as 12 weeks in some states. Even with the best of intentions, the Responsible party may not be able to make their child and spousal support payments. InsuredSupport® MSAI bridges this financial shortfall during critical periods of qualifying unemployment* by supplementing and providing additional funds to pay the child and spousal support payments directly to the Recipient party for up to 24 weeks per year. InsuredSupport® MSAI financially protects both the Responsible and Recipient party because the insurance company pays the obligation. It is the best legal and financial solution for everyone. We highly recommend that you apply for coverage as early as possible in the dissolution process due to the coverage’s six-month vesting period during the first year. Existing support orders can also be insured at a very affordable rate.

*Qualifying Period of Unemployment: The Responsible party qualifies for and receives unemployment benefits from the state which triggers InsuredSupport® MSAI coverage benefits. See the Policy for specific terms and conditions.

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Use the free, “do-it-yourself” no obligation, quoter below to receive a preliminary quote for InsuredSupport® MSAI. Follow the simple instructions on your screen. Once you have entered your state, annual income, occupation, simply use the “slider” to adjust the amount you want to insure. If you are satisfied you can apply for coverage by clicking “apply now“. If you are not certain how to answer a question, click on the “?” for an explanation. There is also a “Live Chat” feature to help you through the process or you can call: 1-888-593-8752