Frequently Asked Questions

InsuredSupport® Court Decree and Marital Settlement Agreement Insurance Child Support and Alimony Supplemental Involuntary Unemployment Insurance Protecting Both Parties Notice: This is not the policy. The questions and answers provided herein are for the convenience of the reader and are not the legal terms, conditions or exclusions of the InsuredSupport® MSAI IncomeAssure® policy.

What is InsuredSupport® Marital Settlement Agreement Insurance?

InsuredSupport®, also known as Marital Settlement Agreement Insurance (“MSAI”), is an insurance policy that covers court ordered child support and alimony (spousal support) payments. The policy benefits are triggered when the Responsible Party becomes unemployed for covered causes; such as involuntary termination, layoff, employer downsizing, employer relocation, employer going out of business, or employer lockout.

Why is InsuredSupport® MSAI Needed?

The amount people receive from the State in unemployment benefits is minimal, and benefits can be as little as 12 weeks in some states. It is never enough for the Responsible Party to meet their cost of living and legal and financial obligations all at the same time. It only takes a very limited amount of time off of work before support payments fall behind. Court ordered support is often for many years and it is not a matter of “if” the Responsible Party becomes unemployed, but “when”. InsuredSupport® is designed to (1) provide a temporary financial bridge on behalf of the Responsible Party, during qualifying periods of unemployment, (2) helps the Responsible Party meet their legal and financial obligations under a court decree and/or marital settlement agreement, and (3) provides financial income to the financially dependent Recipient Party.

When and How Does It Pay?

If the insured Responsible Party qualifies and receives state unemployment benefits, the InsuredSupport® MSAI policy, once vested, makes the child and/or spousal support payments for up to 24 weeks per year. In other words, InsuredSupport® MSAI is supplemental unemployment insurance for a very specific and important purpose. The policy has an initial six month coverage vesting period, so it is important to obtain InsuredSupport® MSAI insurance as soon as possible. InsuredSupport® is inexpensive and designed to help both parties by covering the (1) legal obligations of the Responsible Party, and (2) financial interests of the Recipient Party.

Who Is The Responsible Party?

The Responsible Party is the person the court decree has made legally responsible for making the child and/ or spousal support payments to the Recipient Party.

Who is The Recipient Party?

The Recipient Party is the person who is legally entitled to receive the payment of child and/or spousal support under the court decree and/or marital settlement agreement (custodial ex-spouse, grandparent, or legal guardian). Under InsuredSupport® MSAI, the Recipient Party becomes the stated beneficiary of the policy benefits. The insurance company pays the policy benefits directly to the Recipient Party.

Who Can Purchase InsuredSupport® MSAI?

The coverage can be purchased by the Responsible Party or the Recipient Party. In either case, the application for insurance is underwritten and based upon the information of the Responsible Party.

Can InsuredSupport® MSAI Be Purchased If We Are Already Divorced?

Yes. InsuredSupport® MSAI can be purchased on existing court decrees and/or marital settlement agreements. Coverage should also be incorporated into the terms of new or pending divorces as soon as possible.

How Much Does InsuredSupport® MSAI Cost?

The coverage is surprisingly affordable and can be paid monthly. Rates start as low as $2.88 per week. The rates are calculated upon the Responsible Party’s (1) State of residence, (2) Occupation Category, (3) 24 weeks of benefits, and (4) the amount of the monthly obligation to be insured. We ask for the Responsible Party’s annual income because there is a minimum annual income requirement to qualify for coverage. The insurance rates are not impacted by what the person makes. Either party can agree to pay the premium for the coverage.

How Long Is the Coverage For?

The intent of the coverage is to provide benefits for the full, multi-year term of the court order. The policy is purchased and renewed annually. We notify you each year 90 days before the renewal date.

How Do I Obtain a Quote?

It is a “Do-It-Yourself” simple process. You can get a free quote online by yourself at www.insuredsupport. com. At the bottom of the Home Page is a “Quoter Box”. Simply enter the information requested and then “slide” the white ball along the blue line until you reach the amount you want to insure each month. The weekly premium amount will appear at the top of the Quoter Box. If you want to proceed with the application, click on “APPLY NOW”. Upon approval, the policy will be emailed or mailed to you. If you need help there is a “Live Chat” assistant that will pop up on your screen to help you, or simply call 888-593-8752 for a customer service representative.

I Don’t Have a Marital Settlement Agreement? Can I Still Purchase InsuredSupport® MSAI?

Yes. If you did an uncontested or mutual divorce, without the assistance of an attorney, all you need is a copy of the official court decree that sets forth the amount of support awarded by the court. Either party can apply for coverage online for an existing, new or pending court order. Due to the fact that you do not have the “requirement to purchase” InsuredSupport® in your decree, and you do not have a marital settlement agreement approved by the court, the purchase of InsuredSupport is voluntary each year as it renews. Either party can pay the premium, but you cannot force the other party to pay for the InsuredSupport® coverage. You can petition the court to change your decree order if you want the requirement to purchase InsuredSupport® to be mandatory under your decree.

I Have a Marital Settlement Agreement Prepared by an Attorney. Why is that Different?

The advantage of having an attorney include, or add, InsuredSupport® MSAI to your marital settlement agreement is that it makes the purchase, premium payment, and renewal of the coverage mandatory and enforceable under the court decree to which your marital settlement agreement is attached. If all parties agreed to the purchase of the coverage, and it is documented in your marital settlement agreement, if the Responsible Party fails to pay the monthly or renewal premium, you can ask your attorney to have the court order the payment of the premium and/or renewal of the coverage. Call your attorney and tell them you would like to add the coverage to your agreement. As InsuredSupport® MSAI is a new product, your attorney may not be familiar with it. Simply direct your attorney to our website at or www. There is a downloadable Attorney InsuredSupport® MSAI Manual on the website.

Can Coverage Go Beyond the State Unemployment Benefits?

Yes, this is a very important feature of InsuredSupport® MSAI. State unemployment benefits terms range from 12 weeks of benefits up to 26 weeks, depending on where the Responsible Party lives. All InsuredSupport® MSAI coverage is written for 24 weeks of benefits. If the Responsible Party lived in a state with only 12 weeks of state benefits, the InsuredSupport® MSAI policy would continue to pay benefits until the Responsible Party was reemployed not to exceed 24 weeks of benefits. You will note when getting a quote online that the Quoter Box automatically selects 24 weeks of benefits for you.

What Do I Do If I Get a “Not Eligible” Notice While Applying Online?

If you receive a “Not Eligible” notice on your screen, use the Live Chat feature and a representative will view your application and help determine what inputted information may be causing the problem. If you still need assistance to clear up the matter, call the insurance assistance toll free number at l- 888-593-8752.

What Are The Primary Requirements to Qualify For InsuredSupport® Coverage?

What Are the Employment Requirements for the Responsible Party To Be Eligible for InsuredSupport® MSAI Coverage?

  1. Full time, W-2 wage-earner employee.
  2. Working more than 30 hours per week (Not part time).
  3. Working for one employer.
  4. With no known, pending or fixed termination date knowledge or notice as of the date of application for coverage.
  5. Not employed in a seasonal capacity.
  6. Not self-employed.
  7. Earning the Minimum Annual Wage or more below

What is the Minimum Annual Wage for the Responsible Party to Qualify for InsuredSupport® Coverage?

  1. The Responsible Party must earn at least the minimum annual wage, or more, as set forth in the chart below.
  2. The minimum annual wage requirement varies by state.

Alabama: $40,000
Alaska: Coverage Not Available
Arizona: $40,000
Arkansas: $44,100
California: $44,000
Colorado: $46,700
Connecticut: $51,300
Delaware: $40,000
Florida: $40,000
Georgia: $40,000
Hawaii: Coverage Not Available
Idaho: $40,000
Illinois: 41,400
Indiana: $40,000
Iowa: $40,600
Kansas: $45,500
Kentucky: $41,200
Louisiana: $40,000
Maine: 40,000
Maryland: 42,400
Massachusetts: $57,900
Michigan: $40,000
Minnesota: $54,200
Mississippi: $40,000
Missouri: $40,000
Montana: $45,100
Nebraska: $40,000
Nevada: $40,600
New Hampshire: $42,200
New Jersey: $54,700
New Mexico: $40,500
New York: $40,400
North Carolina: $40,000
North Dakota: $49,800
Ohio: $41,400
Oklahoma: $43,200
Oregon: $47,400
Pennsylvania: $50,000
Rhode Island: $49,500
South Carolina: $40,000
South Dakota: $40,000
Tennessee: $40,000
Texas: $44,300
Utah: $43,000
Vermont: $42,000
Virginia: $40,000
Washington: $53,800
West Virginia: $41,900
Wisconsin: $40,000
Wyoming: $42,400

What Is the Mandatory Vesting Period?

There is a mandatory vesting period of 6 months from the date the policy is issued before coverage benefits become effective. There is no vesting period in any renewal years.

6 Month Eligibility Vesting Period.

(Applies to the first year of coverage only)

It is recommended that the policy be purchased as soon as possible in the divorce process to start the vesting period. Your attorney can advise you as to the amount and timing of your coverage.

What is the Minimum Annual InsuredSupport® Premium?

InsuredSupport® MSAI rates are very affordable and start as low as $100 per year, which is the minimum annual premium for InsuredSupport® coverage. You can receive a free quotation on line at: or

What is the Minimum Monthly Benefit?

The minimum monthly benefit allowed is $433.00 per month or more for either child support, spousal support or both combined. You can still purchase the $433.00 amount, even if your support award amount is less. The policy will pay the $433.00. Simply enter in $433.00 in the Quoter Box.

What is the Maximum Monthly Benefit?

The maximum monthly benefit, for both child and/or spousal support combined is $9,000.00.

What is the Maximum Annual Benefit Period?

The maximum total number of benefits for each qualifying period of unemployment is 24 weeks of benefits per calendar year.

How are InsuredSupport® MSAI Rates Determined?

Rates are determined by a combination of a number of factors. These factors include (i) the state where the Responsible Party works, (ii) the industry of the employer, (iii) the Responsible Party’s annual salary and (iv) the combined total amount of the monthly child/spousal support payments.

What are the Conditions of Unemployment That Must Be Met To Qualify for an InsuredSupport® Benefits Claim?

The Responsible Party must:

  1. First file for State unemployment benefits.
  2. Be eligible for receive State unemployment benefits.
  3. Actually receive 2 weeks of payment of State benefits.
  4. The unemployment event was not voluntary.
  5. The Responsible Party was a full-time W-2 employee.
  6. The Responsible Party did not voluntarily quit.
  7. The Responsible Party was not unemployed when applying.
  8. The Responsible Party did not have prior written or oral notice of impending job loss within the first 6 months of purchasing the InsuredSupport® MSAI coverage, or should have known that job loss was impending, at the time of purchasing InsuredSupport® benefits.
  9. The unemployment was not caused by strike, labor dispute, or collective bargaining job actions which are periods of unemployment NOT covered under the InsuredSupport® MSAI policy.
  10. InsuredSupport® MSAI works in conjunction with state unemployment benefits. You must receive two weeks of benefits under an approved state claim in order to trigger InsuredSupport® IncomeAssure® supplemental unemployment benefits under the InsuredSupport® policy.

How long will the Responsible Party Receive InsuredSupport® Benefits After Loss of Job?

InsuredSupport® MSAI will provide up to 24 weeks of benefits per year. There is a mandatory elimination (waiting) period of two weeks for any new claim. InsuredSupport® MSAI does not pay benefits after 24 weeks, in any one year.

Does the Premium Have To Be Paid During the Periods of Unemployment?

If you selected the monthly or quarterly payment option your premium is waived during periods of unemployment.

How Frequently Does the InsuredSupport® Policy Renew?

The InsuredSupport® IncomeAssure® policy is written for one year terms and is renewable annually. You will be notified each year of the renewal requirements.

I Would Like More Information on InsuredSupport® MSAI; Who Should I call?

If our website or the downloadable Brochure and/or Frequently Asked Questions do not answer all of your questions, or you would like to speak to our Customer Service Representative regarding coverage and/or premium cost, you may call the InsuredSupport® CUSTOMER SERVICE DESK AT 888-593-8752

Who Do Attorneys Contact For Information on the InsuredSupport® Program?

InsuredSupport® MSAI is exclusively marketed nationwide by Zizian & Associates LLC and their authorized state representatives. Attorneys may contact Zizian & Associates using the information provided below.

Zizian & Associates LLC
1205 Pacific Highway, Suite 401
San Diego CA 92101
619-236-0569 (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM) PST

Why Should Attorneys Register Their Firm Online?

We frequently publish newsletters and updates on the program. By registering the firm with us online, the firm will have subscribed to receiving important information as we publish it.

Who Underwrites, Administers and Markets the InsuredSupport® MSAI Policy?

InsuredSupport® MSAI IncomeAssure® is underwritten by Great American Insurance Company, rated “A+” (Superior) by A.M. Best (last affirmed May, 12 2016). Great American has been rated “A” (Excellent) or better by A.M. Best for over 100 years and was recognized as one of the 2014 “Ward’s 50” top performing insurance companies. SterlingRisk administers all policy issuance and claims. Zizian & Associates LLC, the developer of InsuredSupport® MSAI, is responsible for marketing InsuredSupport® in the U.S. and Canada through its state/provincial independent marketing representatives.
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